What is Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

is an open-world survival game! Survive in a world of hostility, construct your kingdom, and dominate your foes in both single and multiplayer!

Play in the world of Conan, a Barbarian. Explore a unique part of Hyboria and uncover places, people and monsters from the Conan stories.

Engage in bloody, dynamic, fast-paced combat and unleash your fury upon opponents. Chop arms, legs and heads off as you pulverise your enemies.

Survive as an exile cast into a brutal, savage world. Hone in your skills, gain strength and learn to master the tough environment.

Harvest natural resources, craft tools and forge weapons. Construct structures and erect entire settlements. Bring the civilization to the exiled lands.

Sacrifice your enemies on the altars of the gods and shift the balance. Make allies to go to war with foes, capture enemy settlements and strongholds.

Play alone in single-player mode, or forge alliances and make enemies online on both public and private servers. Survive, build, and dominate.

Starting From £7.20 (72p per slot)

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