What is Ark: Survival Evolved?

Ark: Survival Evolved, the dinosaur epic from studio wildcard is a prehistorically themed survival game where humans are thrown into the mix!

Players spawn in and are immediately presented with either freezing temperatures or giant prehistoric animals that might want to hurt you.

Players will need to use their skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the creatures roaming the land you can hunt, grow crops, harvest resources, craft items and build shelters to withstand the environments!

All our Ark: Survival Evolved servers include full support for the Aberration DLC!

Starting From £6.20 (31p per slot)

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  • Intel Xeon 2x E5-1670v2 20c/40t 2.5GHz/3.4GHz
  • 256GB of DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz RAM
  • 4TB of NAS Hard Drives in MegaRAID 9271
  • 1 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth
  • 24/7 Back up
  • DDoS Protection
  • Traffic load balancing

You can be assured that we will have the latest up to date protection for your server against DDoS attacks.

We currently offer servers for this game in:

  • New York
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  • Los Angeles
  • Madrid
  • Sydney
  • Paris
  • Montreal
  • Frankfurt
  • Stockholm