What is 7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is a voxel-based, sandbox zombie survival game featuring the choice of the preset world Navezgane or a procedurally generated world, the players objective is to survive for as long as possible and as each day goes by, the threat of the zombies gets enhance, they become tougher and more aggressive.

The game features a crafting system, the player can harvest the resources to build their a house or fortify an existing one. In the game world, destruction of objects is handled in a fully physics-simulated environment, structures or objects with no supporting structures will collapse.

The main focus is on trying to survive the nights, the game has a full day and night cycle, the zombies are slow and weak during the day, but a lot faster and more aggressive during the night hours, throughout this, players are subject to temperature survival elements and a skill tree with level progression allowing them to craft bigger and better things!

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